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HRT extends our deepest sympathies to the victims and their families.

HRT extends our deepest sympathies to the victims and their families who lost their lives, in San Antonio, while trying to enter the US, illegally. We are deeply saddened by this preventable tragedy.

As Hispanic Republicans we acknowledge the problem of illegal immigration is long standing and multidimensional.

Since Biden took office, the number of migrants entering the US illegally is at an all time high. More illegal migration means more people die. Record numbers of women crossing the border are victims of sexual assault, some estimates are as high as 80%. Border Patrol agents are under a gag order, journalists are not able to expose the truth. Migrants are being released and transported all over the US by secret flights in the night, paid for by taxpayers. Fentanyl over dose deaths are at all time high.

Although the border is not technically nor legally "open," it is effectively a sieve, due to Biden and Democrats' policies.

These facts and the policies behind them are not humane. They produce misery, violence and horrific, unnecessary deaths. Biden policies are victimizing millions of Latinos. These facts are indisputable.

We call on the Biden administration to enforce existing immigration laws, to secure the US border with Mexico, to be transparent with the American people, and to stop incentivizing illegal immigration by default. This will save lives, both Americans' and migrants.

Until Republicans regain power, HRT will continue to work to "flip" Hispanic voters to the party of genuine compassion and rule of law.

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