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About the
Hispanic Republicans of Texas

The Hispanic Republicans of Texas was founded to recruit and support Hispanic Republicans running for Federal, State and local offices.


Founded in 2009, HRT made an immediate impact helping elect FIVE Hispanic Republican state representatives in 2010, up from ZERO in the previous session.  


In total, HRT has helped elect 11 conservative Hispanic Republicans to the Texas House.


Since its founding, the Hispanic Republicans of Texas PAC has raised nearly $2 million toward campaign contributions and support for candidates running for state and local offices. HRT has assisted candidates from statewide office all the way down the ballot to school board. 

2024 Election and Beyond

HRT has recruited and supported dozens of candidates across Texas during the past two election cycles and, during that time, developed a robust database and network of Hispanic conservatives across Texas.

During the 2020 Presidential Election, HRT:

  • Had over 10,000 targeted views of our Orgullosamente Republicanos (Proudly Republican) videos online

  • Sent over half a million emails promoting our candidates and conservative values.

  • Designed, printed, and mailed over 70,000 households promoting HRT and our candidates

  • Sent over 43,000 text messages promoting candidates to voters in their districts

During the 2022 Elections,

HRT held over 100 regional grassroots events across Texas, directly engaging voters and spreading the conervative message. 


That work continues today as HRT brings more Hispanic Republicans into the organization.

The HRT ranks of conservative Hispanics in Texas has grown to over 200,000 in Texas.

Mayra Flores Meet the Candidate.jpg

H.R.T. not only provides direct contributions to candidates but also provides critical in-kind resources and campaign assistance:

  • Campaign websites

  • Graphic design for logos and campaign materials

  • Voter data and research including blockwalk lists and polling data

  • Media training

  • Fundraising assistance

  • Campaign Finance and Ethics filing assistance.



HRT has provided assistance to nearly 200 conservative Hispanic Republicans running for office.

Building the Farm Team

Since HRT was founded, we have provided support to:

  • 44 candidates for judicial positions

  • 42 candidates for the Texas House of Representatives

  • 9 candidates for the Texas Senate

  • 5 candidates for local School Boards

  • 51 candidates for  County Offices

  • 12 candidates for City Council

  • 7 candidates for County Judge

…and many more for other local offices.

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