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The Hispanic Republicans of Texas was founded to recruit and support Hispanic Republicans running for Federal, State and Local offices.

Support American Energy

Gas Prices are at record levels

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Under President Trump, the United States of America was energy independent for the first time in generations.  

Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, AOC, and the rest of the Washington liberal elite are determined to destroy America’s energy sector, our personal economic freedom, and make us dependent on the government for rationed energy.

Biden is blaming gas prices on Vladimir Putin, Ukraine, convenience store owners or anything else his handlers can think up instead of telling the truth – their Green New Deal policies are destroying our energy independence.

Texas can lead the way on energy -- Our candidates are leaders that understand the industry and will fight for their community to return America to energy independence. 

In 2020, we helped flip blue Hispanic counties to vote Republican and we are doing it again in 2024.

Trump’s success in South Texas and Mayra Flores’ historic election to US Congress proves that Hispanics want better than what the Democrats are offering. 

Biden Gas Hike is No Joke!
A pain in the gas.jpeg
Gas Hike.jpeg

Something we’ve learned over the years is that many Hispanics don’t really know what the Democrat party supports because of the lies and distortions from politicians and the Main Stream Media.   


Democrats rely on minority voters to win elections and they will lie to them to do that!  


HRT is made of conservative Hispanics telling the TRUTH about Democrats, progressives and the Main Stream Media.  Hispanic voters need to know this and Democrats up and down the ballot need to be held accountable.  


Supporting the Hispanic Republicans of Texas candidates hits directly at the Democrats, progressives and MSM liberals.  They call Republicans racists and bigots – Our candidates PROVE these liberals are wrong!

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